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Black Wildebeest SP.jpg

Black Wildebeest are more darkish brown than white but from a distance they look prominent black. They have a long white horselike tail. Shoulders are higher than the spine and a big head and broad mouth is characteristic amongst Black Wildebeest. Brush-like hair clots on their face and long black hair in between their front legs, as well as an upright mane on top op their necks is noticeable. Both males and females contains horns.



The Blue Wildebeest consist of a lighter hind side and a more muscular sturdy chest area. The head is big with quite a broad mouth. Adults are dark grey with a brown tint and in certain circumstances they have a silverish shine to them.

A number of vertical dark stripes is prominent from their shoulders up until their chest. They have a long black mane running along the top of their neck as well as a long black beard underneath their neck along their throat.

Both male and female Blue Wildebeest have horns.

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